Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation DEV BLOG


Sportsmanship is as much a part of Dueling as it is a part of sports. In sports, good play is generally enforced by referees and sometimes the players (hockey, eh). When unfair conduct is allowed or tolerated by the referee, players will exploit the rules. The Duel Generation equivalent is a player disconnecting from a multiplayer match to avoid losing.

Changes are coming to multiplayer mode in the next update we publish a couple weeks from now. The Battle Points (BP) system has been completely reworked and the ranking system will be restructured. When a duel is completed, both players will receive a free card for their participation. You will gain BP faster and lose fewer BP when defeated. You will also rank-up faster and meet competition more suited to your level of play.

Players who disconnect from a multiplayer match will be prevented from reconnecting to the multiplayer servers for 10 minutes. They will not receive their Duel Points or the free card they would have earned for completing the match.

We hope these changes improve your experience playing multiplayer matches in Duelist League and we intend to improve things further with each new update afterwards.

Thank you for playing Duel Generation and as always… Happy Dueling!

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for being part of the Duel Generation of 2015!

We prepared a list of resolutions for us and players alike.

  • We will keep an ever-watchful eye on server performance and strive to make Duel Generation the best online experience possible.
  • We will not use unofficial third party applications to purchase or add Duel Points or Cards to our Duelist Accounts. Doing so is illegal and often results in corrupting those accounts.
  • We will re-program the Virtual Dueling Simulation so new players can ease more slowly into the Campaign Mode without getting totally crushed by Weevil Underwood's insects.
  • We will continue to add more Android devices to our supported devices list.
  • We will take countermeasures against those online Duelists who choose to disconnect from a multiplayer match, rather than submit honorably to their opponent.
  • We will have more More MORE free prize giveaways on our Facebook site.
  • We will continue reading your comments on our websites, email and App sites and using your feedback to improve Duel Generation.
  • We will reduce the price of Bonus Booster Packs.
  • We will do a lot more than all that...


Thanks again fellow Duelists, and as always... Happy Dueling!


Using the Starter Deck

The Starter Deck we created for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation was carefully crafted so you could win the early Campaign battles, but also be flexible enough for you to easily upgrade and tune when you receive new cards.

The general theme of the Starter Deck is Normal Monsters. The cornerstone of the deck is the Heart of the Underdog spell, which allows you to draw an additional card after each time you draw a Normal Monster. With 21 Normal Monsters in the deck, this card helps you early and often.

Your defense against attacks is two Justi-Break trap cards. Most of your opponents will be throwing Effect Monsters at you, and Justi-Break destroys all monsters on the field except face-up attack position Normal Monsters. This means you can play weaker monsters like Aqua Snake and Oscillo Hero as face-up decoys, to lure the attack and then destroy your opponent's monsters.

To build a powerful offense, use your Level 3 and 4 Normal Monsters as materials for an XYZ Summon to bring out Giga-Brilliant or Sky Pegasus, or else combo them with the high defense Flamvell Guard to Synchro Summon Underworld Fighter Balmung or Scarred Warrior.

To improve the Starter Deck, swap in any powerful Normal Monsters you get and bolster your spells and traps to match your style of play. Put more eligible XYZ and Synchro Monsters (like Armades) in your Extra Deck and upgrade your Level 5+ monsters.

As you gain cards in the game, you’ll be tempted to replace your Normal Monsters with the more appealing Effect Monsters. Just remember that doing this breaks up the Normal Monster theme of the original Starter Deck. Heart of the Underdog, Cry Havoc! and Justi-Break will begin to lose effectiveness and significance in your altered deck, so be sure to replace these cards with other monsters, traps and spells that will take their place.

As is, the Starter Deck is capable of beating almost any of the easy decks in the Classic Stage of Campaign Mode. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of it and you’ll even pose a challenge to other players online.

Good luck and happy dueling!

Coming Soon!

Soon our Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation creators and support team will be leaving helpful hints for how to optimize your starter decks, beat the more difficult show characters (yes, that means you Ishizu!) and maximize your Duel Points. From all of us in the YGODG family, THANKS for your interest in Duel Generation! We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you (...and soon we'll announce a way for you to share your thoughts with us).